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Quest For PageRank & Search Engine Optimization Rules

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Quest For PageRank & Search Engine Optimization Rules

Search Engine Optimization Rules

Search Engine Optimization is easy if you follow three quality rules.

Search Engine Optimization Rule Optimize Your Code:
This means getting rid of funky code, tables, frames and using strict x/html and CSS.
The bulkier your code, the harder it is for Search Engine Spiders such as Google to crawl your site and the pages.

Quest For PageRank

Follow, NoFollow tags all vary the amount of traffic. Obviously nofollow tags direct search engine spiders to, well, not follow the links. Googlebot is good at not following links, but Yahoo and Ask, for example, sometimes follow still. What’s the deal with that? Pagerank doesn’t trickle down with nofollow tags, or does it? Inbound links.