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Web Development at “ShrishtiSoftech”

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
If you’re serious about developing a successful Internet business, taking the time to educate yourself in Web Development, such as Web Site Design, Internet Marketing, Promotion, Copywriting and Search Engine optimization is of the utmost of importance.

Above all else, your first priority must be your web site. If your web site doesn’t look professional, all of your marketing and promotional efforts will be useless. Although you may be developing a lot of traffic to your web site, if it is poorly planned and doesn’t look professional, you will most likely not make any sales.

If you are not confident in your ability to design a professional web site, it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase a web site template. A web site template is simply a pre-designed web page that will enable you to add your own text. They’re very reasonably priced and will instantly give your site a professional look.

We highly recommend visiting Template Monster to pick up a highly professional looking web site template. It will be well worth the small price, as it will save you a great deal of time and effort.

In addition to developing a professional web site, you must also know exactly what you will be selling and design your web site accordingly. This will include developing your web site’s theme, sales strategy, marketing strategy and promotional strategy. Each web development strategy will play an important role in your success.

The “ShrishtiSoftech” SEO Company.

Monday, March 31st, 2014
Our Company is a highly professional crew providing a full range of services for your Internet business creation, promotion and support, both in the exUSSR, and other foreign countries. Our job is to perform marketing research, create and maintain Internet resources, plan and implement Internet advertising campaigns, develop web solutions, provide design services, and consulting.

For clients who wish to extend the domain of activities of their businesses, we also perform localization of sites for exUSSR users. This includes the services of creation of Spain language sites, their advertisement support in different regions, and in the Ru-net in the whole, and also translation of sites and Internet consulting.

Our task is to create a quality corporate web site capable of yielding to your company not only success, but also considerable profit.

We will help your site to establish itself or we will help you to create an Internet project working for you and your clients.

Content is the king

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
The only one thing that almost all the webmasters have been dreaming of is the weight, the main performance of the high weight of website is the main keywords for your site ranked high, the speed of snapshot updating fast, what’s more, a lot of long tail terms should have also better rankings. The traffic having searched from the Search Engine accounted for most of the web traffic. At the same time, the people who know little about search engine often regard the weight as only qualitative but not precise quantification, especially in some industry words, sensitive words and so on, which can subject to manual intervention and adjustment from Search Engine, so many high-weight Web sites may be down overnight, even being killed. However, webmasters still have great enthusiasm in pursuing the weight. It is naturally for you to own better rankings after owning weight, because the weight is the core of ranking. The experts from the first page will summarize the skills of owning weight and share the experience with you.

1. High Weight and the Site’s Content.

“Content is the king” has been recognized by almost all the webmasters, at least it hold true for Search Engine, but the majority of webmasters have a wrong understanding about the statement. Some webmasters think that the only thing that they need to do is to create an excellent website content, then Search Engine will give their high weight. However, they have to give up at last even though they have devoted much time to it, because they can’t get any return from what they have done. Here I would like to quote a phrase, “the direction is more important than distance.”  What Search Engine has been doing more like following the principle of a wooden barrel but doing subtraction? “Content is king” does not mean that you only need to create excellent website content, but the important role the content has been playing in website structure designing, website programming, internal and external links construction, which can also encourage the Internet attach importance to the value ,content and innovative slogans.

But the “white lie” has led many hard-working webmasters who have spent much time in doing a lot of things that they shouldn’t have done. Meanwhile, I also have never seen a good webmaster who has never exchanging its website links, and a website which have never made the website promotion but only depending the excellent content to bring the traffic. Although the website content is one of the most important factor of increasing the website weight, as far as I am concerned, it is not wise to regard the “Content is king” as the holy Bible so that you don’t know how to make some changes.

2. High weight and incoming links.

Weight can be passed. A site with high weight will be doomed to have higher derived weights. There is a way that can help us have a better understanding about this: the higher the weight is, the faster spiders access frequency will be, which can help crawl more the export links. However, the visiting time will be counted as valid values, which play an important role in upgrading the weight of website gradually. What’s more, this may be used artificially through the purchase of links or the use of black chain in order to intervene crawling results. Currently, Search Engine has no intention to take some measures to limit this practice. I do not think that there is a lack of technology of Search Engine, but there are still many websites which are punished by Search Engine because of these reasons every day.

3. Hight Weight and the Distribution of Keywords

This is the basic skills of the SEO and the precious experience that the SEOers have got from long-term SEO work. According to my own experience, the weight of Search Engine keywords should be distributed in this way: the keywords should appear in the first place in the title and the title itself should contain the keywords, web content (H1 tag), description, side column, navigations, even at the bottom of website. All the keywords should be distributed in a natural and outstanding way as much as possible. In addition, the keyword stuffing and the excessive use of label which is likely to be considered excessive Search Engine Optimization by search engine should be avoided.

4. High Weight and Other Factors

Firstly, to keep your server stabile and fast is an effective way to escape from implicating if the sites at the same IP are subject to punishing; secondly, checking whether the robots.txt file is correct or not; thirdly, domain time; fourthly, link relevance and periodic checks; lastly, the relevance between anchor text and link. All above analysis having made on high weight is mainly directed against Search Engine (as to how to get high weight from Google, please continue to focus on technical articles from the first page). However, the overall principle we need follow is high-weight links, the page content with high-quality, weight distribution of keywords, and other factors. In practical experience, I believe the weight of your websites will be improved naturally and have better rankings in accordance with the above ideas.